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Impressum / AGBs

Barbara Ungerböck is the founder of the Innerpower school for holistic spiritual healing. 

Backed from the experience for more than 20 years working on non-violence power with horses and the communication between owner and horse, she starts to convert this as a part to holistic healing in addition and improvement of the Monty Roberts philosophy.  Since 1993 she has worked on this expertise. Later she added, among others, her nlp-resonance master´s degree. Finally, her path went through spiritual holistic healing experiences.  

Barbara studied also forms of life and economy in 2017 when she made her world journey through more than 100 countries including India, Africa and America and finalized the experience in her healing sessions 


Her motivation has always been to help people create their own lives. 

She firmly believes when people empower their individuality based solving their burdens, they create projects that are of value to everyone.


100% InnerPower for her clients is the formula to success in her life and makes her exceptional in the workflow and is mirrored by hundred percent customer satisfaction.

It is Barbara Ungerböck’s Profession  to help you to find your life meaning and life target. This - she does by establishing your Inner-power faculties. By doing so - you find your Mission in life and you achieve results faster than anyone else. 

What makes Barbara Ungerböck successful in bringing you to that next Level?

  • Since 1992 she worked with horses and humans

  • She excessively trained the ability to feel other people's and business's systems.

  • Through the experience of 25-Years as a sensitive horsepower trainer

  • she  reached a mastery on understanding human-beings as a Resonanz-System-Coach 

  • As a Certified Human-Ressource-Trainer

  • she reached the quality of being a holistic healer.

This empowers her to teach all humans, who desire to unlock their unlimited potenzial of being!

When you ask Barbara Ungerböck about - what is the most important accomplishment in her life, she would answer as following,

“When I realised, that there are three major keys that determine the permanence of success in business and life, my personal development and my business took off.

   Here are the three main keys so that you can immediately start to have your life and business take off:

1. Establishing Relationships 

2. Identifying with ones targets and decisions

3. Live a Life of integrity

"Through my Coaching and Training - I am able to teach every human to establish an Inner attitude of success and bring these three main keys in balance."

Welcome to the World of Success!"



Entrepreneur until 2007

2017 Innerpower spiritual education school

2017 Satoshi School International (Crypto Currency and Bitcoin-Philosophie)
2016 Innerwise Mentor und Coach (to 2018)

2016 Biokybernethik by Smit

2013 Reconnective HealTM Ausbildung bei Dr. Eric Pearl 
2010 Zertifizierte Fachtrainerin
2009 NLP + Resonanz Trainer
2008 Dipl. nlp + Resonanz - Coach für Systemische Aufstellungsarbeit und Hypnose
2008 Dipl. Lebens- und Sozialberaterin
2008 Dipl. NLP + Resonanz Kinder/Jugendcoach
2007 Dipl. NLP + Resonanz Gesundheitscoach
2007 NLP + Resonanz Master Practitioner
2006 Pferdecoach für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung mit Pferden
2006 Dipl. NLP + Resonanz Coach
2005 NLP + Resonanz Practitioner
2000 Gartengestalterin, bei „Die Sternengärten“
1998 Problempferdetrainerin und Pferdecoach
1993 Sozialpädagogische Zusatzkraft in Familienwohngruppe,
bei Pro Juventute - Haus Burgenland - Oberschützen
1989 Uhrmacherlehre

Weitere Bildungsmaßnahmen:
2010 Gender Mainstreaming, ZIB - Training
2010 Bachblüten Therapie, Mechthild Scheffer
2010 Monty Roberts Online-Akademie
2008 Resonanz und Hypnose, Institut Kutschera
2008 Professionell Moderieren - Erfolgreich Präsentieren, Institut Kutschera
2008 Resonanz Familienaufstellung, Institut Kutschera
2008 Psychologische Astrologie – für Fortgeschrittene bei "Die Sternenwelten"
2007 Psychologische Astrologie – Grundausbildung bei "Die Sternenwelten"
2005 Schwimmteich- und Biotopbauworkshop
2003 Seminar  Innenraumbegrünung, Langenlois
1999 NHT – Natural Horsemanship

Barbara Ungerböck
Quantum Field Operator for Energy-Flow
Founder SBU Innerpower Spiritual Education International

Global Healing
 Quantum Field Treatments
+43 660 3886074